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About Us

Established in 1989.

Opening our doors in 1989, Pacific Performance Products is your destination for high performance engines and accessories. With a specialty in street and race engines, our team is dedicated to helping you dominate your competition on the road.

Meet Troy Bowen


With a lifetime of experience in the auto industry, Troy was naturally drawn to high performance engines and racing culture. Today, you'll find Troy and his team working hard to supply Anaheim drivers with custom proprietary combinations to help dominate their competition on the road.


“I couldn’t find anyone local I trusted to build my engine. My tuner referred me to F-P-S where Troy Bowen guided me through the process and built an awesome small block stroker motor for my Mustang. I couldn’t be happier with the build quality and results." 

- Rob Ippolito, Florida

We're Different.


We build high performance street and race engines that make big power with the reliability of an OEM engine. We have spent years developing proven proprietary combinations that none of our competitors can touch. If you are ready to dominate your competition or step ahead of your neighborhood bench racer, call us today!

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All Videos

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