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Strength In Variety.

Pacific Performance products Offers SBF and LS Chevy cast aluminum valve covers Heavy duty American Made castings CNC machined in Los Angeles California. Available with Chevy and Ford Logo.

Hemi LS and Ford Aluminium Universal Intake Manifolds

arius hemi1.JPG

Hemi LS and Ford Cast Aluminuim Universal Intake manifolds specially designed for maximum air flow
and to fit many different configurations of induction systems from Blown roots and Screw charger to N.A single and dual carb set ups available in 4500 and 4150 style. We also have developed a front or rear mount 110 mm TB opening for NA and Turbo combos

We also make the top to accept a bird catcher and or old school Hillborn upright injectors

hemi arias 014.jpg

Pacific performance cast Hemi intake manifolds also come with a provision that allows the customer and us to machine them for front and rear SFI burst panels or both .

hemi arias 123.jpg

Cast 4500 dominator top for Hemi manifold

hemi arias 015.jpg

Pacific Performance products has designed this intake to take very boost pressures along with building it very stout to accommodate the weight of a roots blower and or even a NOS back fire and or boost back fire . We incorporated cast in struts into the bottom of the manifold to help stiffen up the manifold.

hemi arias 019.jpg


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